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Creative Tango Project

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Creative Tango Project

In Romania and Moldova, unlike other European countries and not only, the field of performing arts like Argentinian tango (live music-tango-theater) is almost nonexistent, which is why there is a real need both for the dancers of argentine tango, and also for the musicians to begin their artistic debut in this field.

Thus there is a need to change the existing offer in the music / dance Argentine tango, with an offer of live performance and also live streaming, to satisfy the audience on several levels – dance, music, theater and also involve the non-audience that spends a lot of time on the internet and in front of the mobile phone.

The project “Creative Europe”, initiated by the Association for Culture and Tango in partnership with the National Tango Academy of the Republic of Austria and The Association “Tango Argentina-Chisinau”, will last 3 years (June 2016 – June 2019), and will involve masters of music and dance from Romania, Austria and Argentina.

The general objective of the project is the creation of a new business model for the sustainability of shows in the performing arts in general, and tango shows in particular, through the digitization of tango shows – live-streaming and the involvement of the audience in the production of the show by allowing them to vote.

The main objectives of the project are: the development of skills and competences of 12 members of the consortium in the sustainability of initiatives in the performing arts in general and in the live-music-tango-theatre in particular, with special focus on “audience development”; the co-production of a live music- tango show and the creation of 9 representations of the show in the 3 participating countries that will involve different audiences, during the whole period of the project; the encouragement of audience involvement from the 3 countries, facilitated by the digital technologies – allowing the audience that are not present at the live show to vote online between the different alternatives of the script and thus to influence the story – in screaming.

The “Creative Tango” project will involve 12 tango dancers and 6 musicians that will prepare a show that is going to be presented in 9 representations, in 3 countries in front of an audience of more than 5000 people in total.
Among the main results of the project we can mention: 9 shows with live music and dance of Argentine tango that can be also watched on-line – in streaming; a web site with an integrated solution for voting and dissemination (iOS + Android mobile application); a training on the sustainability of initiatives in the performing arts; a seminar with exchanges of good practices in tango choreography domain; an on-line Creative Laboratory of flexible scripts.



The direct beneficiaries of our project are: the 3 organizations of the consortium; the tango dance artists and musicians, the cultural technicians, art agents, administrative staff and specialist exerts that will contribute to the production of the show. The indirect beneficiaries are artists and students who want to make a career in the performing arts of Argentinian tango, the European Commission, the Ministries of Culture in the 3 participant countries, The Youth and Sports Ministries, The Ministries of Education, the event organizers of music shows, theater and dance in Romania, Moldavia and Austria; other event organizers that can replicate this business model – digitization of cultural content through live streaming.


“Creative Tango” will be a unique project, both in terms of innovation brought by a show that combines three arts fields – live music, dance, theater, by the testing of new delivery channels via digital means or the development of tools for digitization of cultural content and also by its uniqueness on the theater scenes and institutions of culture / art in Europe