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Academic Members

RIP Horacio Ferrer

The Academy announced that our Honorary President, Maestro Horacio Ferrer, president and founder of the National Tango Academy of Argentina, pases away. Our eternal gratitude for his example, trust and friendship that has always honored us.

The Tango can not replace him, like can not replace any of his children.
Horacio Ferrer, receive our love and profound grattitude.

Directive Council

Die akademischen Mitglieder der österreichischen Tangoakademie.

<!--:de-->Maestro Carlos Maturano “El tordo”<!--:--><!--:en-->Maestro Carlos Maturano “El tordo”<!--:-->Maestro Carlos Maturano “El tordo”Maestro Carlos Maturano “El tordo”

Präsident / President

Horacio FerrerHoracio Ferrer

Ehrenpräsident / Honorary President

<!--:de-->Magistra Heide Schmollgruber<!--:--><!--:en-->Magistra Heide Schmollgruber<!--:-->Magistra Heide SchmollgruberMagistra Heide Schmollgruber

Vizepräsident / Vicepresident

<!--:de-->Fausto Tuscano<!--:--><!--:en-->Fausto Tuscano<!--:-->Fausto TuscanoFausto Tuscano

Magister Artium Composer Vizepräsident / Vicepresident 2nd

<!--:de--> Sina Moser (Film maker)<!--:--><!--:en-->Sina Moser (Film maker)<!--:--> Sina Moser (Film maker)Sina Moser (Film maker)

Sekretärin / Secretary

Bernhard SchmollgruberBernhard Schmollgruber

Kassier / Treasurer

Angela Capotorto Angela Capotorto

Bachelor of Arts Honours in Philosophy Kassier stellvertreter / Vice treasurer

<!--:de-->Carlos Hernández<!--:--><!--:en-->Carlos Hernández<!--:-->Carlos HernándezCarlos Hernández

Honorary Academic Member - Minister of the Argentine Embassy in Viena

<!--:de-->Cristian Nicolás Sokolowsky<!--:--><!--:en-->Cristian Nicolás Sokolowsky<!--:-->Cristian Nicolás SokolowskyCristian Nicolás Sokolowsky

Honorary Academic Member. Consul Argentine Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine

<!--:de-->Cristina Uta<!--:--><!--:en-->Cristina Uta<!--:-->Cristina UtaCristina Uta

Academic Member Panel Functional Division “High Choreographic Arts”. Director

<!--:de-->Sonja Stibi – Univ. Prof. Mag.<!--:--><!--:en-->Sonja Stibi  Univ. Prof. Mag.<!--:-->Sonja Stibi – Univ. Prof. Mag.Sonja Stibi Univ. Prof. Mag.

Mitglied 2 / Vocal 2nd

Annarita PolisenoAnnarita Poliseno

Academic Member Panel. Functional Division "Relations with the Republic of Italy"

Natalya StorozhenkoNatalya Storozhenko

Academic Member Panel. Functional Division "Relations with Eastern Europe".